Eligibility and Requirements

Will Dreamers or DACA students be considered
Yes, Dreamers and DACA students are encouraged to apply. Proof of citizenship is not required.
Will community college students be considered?
Students from community colleges, Tribal Colleges or other two-year colleges will be considered if they can demonstrate they are transferring into an accredited four-year college or university in the Fall of 2017. Please send an email to ddcsp@uw.edu for questions.
Can international students apply to the program?
Unfortunately, international students (ie, those in the U.S. on an academic visa) are not eligible for the program. Permanent U.S. residents will be considered and dreamers are encouraged to apply.
Can graduate students apply to the program?
Unfortunately, the program is only able to accept undergraduate students working on their first degree.
Do you need to have field (outdoor) experience or be an environmental science major to be accepted?
No, this program is open to all majors (including “undecided”). In fact, we are specifically looking for a broad mix of students, from ecology to film studies. You also do not need to have field, or outdoor (sleeping outside) experience.
I’m not a person of color. Can I still apply?
Yes! We hope to draw a truly cross cultural body of students to this program, meaning everyone is welcome to apply. All applicants, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or other demographic differences need to demonstrate awareness of diversity issues, and a commitment to inclusion, and make sure this comes through on your application.
Can Juniors and Seniors apply to the program?
This program is intended for students early in their academic careers, so we can only accept students who are currently freshmen or sophomores. We ask the second year of the program is completed before graduating from your university or college. You may contact ddcsp@uw.edu with any questions you may have in this regard.
Is there a minimum GPA required to participate in DDCSP@UW?
No, there is no minimum GPA to be considered for the program. However, we are looking for students who are motivated to dive into research and issues in conservation; and who are capable of keeping in contact during the academic year, and progressing towards graduation. Students must be in good academic standing (ie, not on academic probation or in danger of being expelled) to participate.

Application Process

Is there going to be an interview process?
Yes, Skype interviews will be included in the final steps of the application process for a select number of applicants.
When can I expect to hear if I have been accepted?
We will start notifying applicants in mid-March and plan to have the 2018 cohort confirmed by early April. Applicants will be notified if they have been accepted or if we are not able to offer a position to them.
Is there a benefit to submitting my application early?
Applications are not reviewed until after the deadline. Submitting your application early will not affect how your application is reviewed. However, it is unlikely materials received after the deadline will be reviewed, so submitting everything in a timely manner is critical.
How do my references send submit their recommendation letters?
Once you submit your references’ names and contact information into the application website, we will email them with directions of how to login to the website and submit their letters. Please email ddcsp@uw.edu if your recommendation writer did not receive an email.
If I am not accepted into the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, can I reapply for the summer of 2019?
Yes, you are absolutely welcome to apply again if you are a sophomore. Please contact ddcsp@uw.edu if you have questions in regards to your academic credits standing.
Should I wait until I get my autumn quarter/semester transcripts to submit my application?
Yes, please wait until your autumn quarter/semester grades appear on your transcript before submitting it. We do not need an official transcript, so as soon as your final grades are in for the semester, your school should be able to provide you with an unofficial transcript.
Who do I contact if I am experiencing difficulties with the application?
If you have trouble with any part of the application, you can email ddcsp@uw.edu.
When can I expect to hear back in regards to my application status?
Applicants will be notified by mid-March.

General Program Questions

What do I need to bring with me?
We will outfit everyone in the first week of the program. If you have gear of your own, please feel free to bring those items along throughout the 8-week period.
Who can I talk to for more information?
Please send an email to ddcsp@uw.edu.
I understand that the program pays a stipend, but what are the costs that the students are directly responsible for?
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program will pay for travel, lodging, and provide a separate stipend for food during their 8-week summer experience. Students will be responsible for luggage fees at the airport as well as their own incidentals including toiletries, snacks, souvenirs, and other personal purchases.
How many students applied last year?
230 applications received, 20 applicants accepted.
When will the program start and end?
Applicants will arrive on June 18th and depart August 12th.
Are there other DDCSP programs?
DDCSP@UW is one of five sister programs that aims to strengthen conservation through diversifying its talent.  The programs are administered at the following universities:  Northern Arizona University, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Florida, and University of Michigan. With the exception of the program administered by the University of Florida, all DDCSP sites recruit students nationwide to participate in DDCSP.  The University of Florida partners with Cornell University, North Carolina State University, University of Arizona and University of Idaho to serve students recruited from those five institutions. We encourage potential applicants to take a look at all five programs, as offerings and activity locations differ across DDCSP sites. For more information please look here

Community Partners, Faculty, Staff, and References

How do I advertise this program to my students?
We recommend you send any students who might be interested in and a good fit for the program to our website. You can also email us at ddcsp@uw.edu to receive an electronic version or printed copies of our flyer. Also, consider offering to serve as a reference for your students who wish to apply.
What do you look for from a strong application?
Because the program is geared for students early in their college careers, we are only able to take freshmen and sophomores.
Scholars do not have to be environmental science, or even science, majors, but should demonstrate a commitment to the environment and to diversity, and be curious, creative and enthusiastic – incipient change-makers. They should demonstrate in their essay responses a willingness and ability to discuss and investigate issues in conservation with people whose identities, opinions, and values differ from their own.
I do not teach environmental science or ecology. Should I still advertise this program to my students?
Yes! Scholars do not have to be environmental science or ecology majors, but they should have an interest and demonstrated commitment to the environment. Program alumni have included history, economics, urban studies, engineering, business and ‘undeclared’ majors.
Could my students earn credit for this program?
The University of Washington does not offer credit, but students are encouraged to work with their faculty or advisors at their home institution to determine if they could earn credit for participating in DDCSP@UW. Please inquire by emailing ddcsp@uw.edu as this has been done before.
Are there ways for faculty to get involved in DDCSP@UW?
Yes, there are a few ways to get involved with DDCSP, including writing recommendation letters for your students who wish to apply, reviewing applications, applying to be a co-instructor, and referring a graduate student to be a DDCSP Teaching Assistant. You may also be able to serve as a mentor for our Year 2 Practice Solution Teams. Please contact us at ddcsp@uw.edu for more information.
I’m with a NGO, government agency or other conservation-oriented organization. Are there ways for me to get involved?
Yes! You can review applications and may be able to serve as a mentor for our Year 2 Conservation Practice Teams. Please contact us at ddcsp@uw.edu for more information.
I’m serving as a reference for an applicant. What is the deadline for me to submit my letter of recommendation?
Letters must be received by the application deadline, 12:00PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
What should I include in my letter of recommendation?
Content of letters will vary based on the relationship between the writer and the applicant, but strong letters include specific examples of how the applicant is a good fit for the program (ex. a strong commitment to conservation and diversity) and how they would benefit from participating (ex. academic or professional development).
How do I submit my letter of recommendation?
We will email you directions of how to login and submit your letter. Letters can be uploaded as a file from your computer or can be written directly in the website platform.