2021 Cohort

Our annual Conservation Summit was held on August 12-13 2022 with the intention to celebrate and amplify voices of the next generation of conservation. In their final year at DDCSP@UW, scholars present their internships with partner organizations across Washington, share their journeys and experiences in conservation, and gather as a community to celebrate the work they have done.

This year, 18 scholars from the 2021 cohort completed summer conservation internships with grassroots and nonprofit organizations, community and field-based research labs, and tribal environmental departments.

Within each internship, scholars worked on projects of their own design, advancing the goals of biocultural conservation and bringing their skills, ideas, and experiences to their organization.

The following videos were created by scholars, summarizing their conservation journeys. Additionally, recordings are now available of our interactive live panel discussions with scholars.

Interactive Panel Sessions

Internship Videos