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Madeleine Diaz

Madeleine Diaz

University of New Hampshire

  • Wildlife & Conservation Biology

My name is Madeleine Diaz, and I am a first generation Mexican-American from New Jersey. I am passionate about the conservation of wildlife, specifically endangered mammals, and how we can incorporate new perspectives, cultures, and ideas into possible solutions, in turn diversifying the field. I seek to learn how to incorporate cultural traditions into conservation practices that will lead to a more sustainable future. I am also very interested in animal behavior and how we can integrate our findings with human behavior and development to create beneficial solutions for all. I greatly enjoy field work and traveling to new locations. I love reading, listening to music, and watching movies, specifically anything Marvel and Star Wars related.

Support the Conservation Scholars Program

The Conservation Scholars Fund directly supports students who are pursuing a career in conservation through the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at the University of Washington. Effective conservation strategies are inclusive, involving a diversity of stakeholders and incorporating multiple values. Yet, the conservation community does not reflect the collective voice of our country. Without a significant, serious and immediate increase in diversity and inclusion, the conservation community will become a movement of the past instead of a guiding principle of the future. Our program aims to change that.